Welcome to Gracepoint Devotions!

Welcome to Gracepoint Devotions!  We hope this site will be a useful resource for your personal devotions.

The latest devotion time (DT) packets will now be available for download at the sidebar to your right a few month’s worth at a time, in the section “Download Devotional Texts.”  With this new format, we will not be posting devotion sharings (as of now).

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Here is the November DT Notebook.

Word Doc | pdf

The Bible Project

The Bible Project has sketchnote-like animated walkthroughs of different books of the Bible, as well as animations of biblical themes like holiness and heaven/earth.

Some examples:

Genesis Part 1
Genesis Part 2

1 Corinthians


Sep-October 2015 DT Notebook:Beloved OT Passages II

This is the second half of our Beloved Passages from the Old Testament.

Word Doc | pdf

June-August 2015 DT Notebook:Beloved OT Passages

For next couple of months, we will be covering select passages from the Old Testament.

Word Doc | pdf

May-June DT Notebook: Hebrews

Here are the devotionals for the next few weeks. We will be covering the book of Hebrews. Please see below for some additional help from our Hebrews training.

Word Doc | pdf

Hebrews Training

The following videos of our Hebrews training will help immensely. Please use them to aid your devotionals.

Here is the entire folder of files for easier download.

Chapter 1 – God Has Spoken
Hebrews 1:5-2:4 Listening to the Son
Hebrews 2:5-3:2 The Incarnation of the Son
Hebrews 3:3-4:16 Entering God’s Rest
Hebrews 5:1-10:25
Hebrews 12:1-13 – Message
Hebrews 5-10
Hebrews 6 – Warning Passages
Hebrews 6 – Promise and Oath
Hebrews 8
Hebrews 9
Hebrews 10:36-12:17 – Living By Faith Part 1 Heroes of Faith

Hebrews 12:18-27 – Two Mountains
Hebrews 13
Hebrews 12-14:17

April-May DT Notebook: Favorite Psalms

Here are the devotionals for the next two weeks. We will be covering selected Psalms with the help of John Stott’s Favorite Psalms.

Word Doc | pdf

*File updated with edits on Sunday, 11:30pm, so please redownload if you have an earlier version.*
*Date headers correction on Monday, 9:45am*

March-April DT Notebook: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus

Here are the devotionals for March – April. We will be covering the Death and Resurrection of Jesus. Word Doc | pdf

Nov-Dec DT Notebook

For November-December, we will be going through John 13-21, one chapter a week. We’ve also changed the format a bit as follows.

Sunday Message Notes: We put in a few blank pages for Sunday for those of you who want to use it to take notes.

Monday: Devoted for Sunday message review. Since it’s important to review and process what we have heard, we’ve set aside our Monday devotional time to reflect over and review Sunday’s message.

Tuesday: We will read over the chapter for the week and choose several key verses for memorization. One key verse or passage is recommended to focus on for the remainder of the week.

Wednesday – Friday: Each day, we will go over a chapter in depth from the angle of a particular theme, draw lessons and applications and end with a prayer of commitment.

You can find the soft copy of the notebook here: DT2014_Nov-Dec_8.5x7_Final

2014 Sept – October DT Notebook

This Fall we will be going through devotionals in the book of John. The soft copy of the notebook is available here for download. DT2014_Sep-Oct_8.5x7_FINAL